Brother Speech

Brother’s Funny Speech

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Word Count 437 Thanks for coming. I’m Jake’s brother, Nathan. And apparently I’m the best man, so I should say a few words. It’s not easy being Jake’s brother. Smart, reasonably attractive, a doctorate in a field I can hardly spell. Well, that my mother can hardly spell. I feel like the Danny Devito to […]

Little Brother’s Wedding Speech

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Word Count: 172 Good Evening Lady’s and Gents! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m John, Scott’s little brother. I’m not usually a man of many words, so in conclusion, Scott, you have always been a good brother and a great friend. And when you couldn’t be a good example, you were at […]

Big Brothers Wedding Speech

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Word Count: 91 Hello everyone my name is Mike and I’m John’s big brother. Thank you all for coming and sharing this special occasion with John and Helen. John has not only been a brother but also like second farther, sacrificing much for his family. Ever since John and Helen first met I’ve never seen one […]

My privilege to make the first speech

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Word Count: 959 Ladies, Gentlemen and anyone who might have sneaked in for a free meal, my name is Mike and I am the brother of the bride. It is my privilege to make the first speech.  At least I thought it was a privilege until I realised that I’m actually the warm up act […]

My Brother’s Wedding Speech

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Word Count: 819 Firstly, on behalf of the bridesmaids, I’d like to thank the groom for his kind words, and I have to say they have done an excellent job today and look absolutely wonderful. I am very proud that I was chosen to be the best man today. It’s often said at weddings that […]