Best Man Speech

719 Words – Best man speech example

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Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. I’d just like to start by saying what an honour it was to be asked to be [Grooms Name]’s best man. I appreciate that it must have been a hard decision for him, but let’s face it, he made the right choice. I mean when [Grooms Name] asked me to be […]

Funny Best Man Speech

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Word Count: 322 Ahh.. anyway… this wasn’t my original speech. The original and better one was on my work computer. I had spent weeks on it, and then one morning last month I got called into the conference room, and before I knew it I was sent home with a pink slip, and so I […]

Brother’s Funny Speech

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Word Count 437 Thanks for coming. I’m Jake’s brother, Nathan. And apparently I’m the best man, so I should say a few words. It’s not easy being Jake’s brother. Smart, reasonably attractive, a doctorate in a field I can hardly spell. Well, that my mother can hardly spell. I feel like the Danny Devito to […]

Mike’s Traditional Best Man Speech

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Word Count : 494 Good evening friends and family as well as our now wedded couple! For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Mike and today I’ve had the privilege of being Owen’s best man. I’m known to be many things, but a public speaker isn’t one of them, so luckily for all you […]

Luke’s Wedding – Best Man Speech

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Word Count: 280 Hello and welcome to you all on this very special occasion. I remember the first time I saw Luke, sitting by Mr. Smith’s English class. He asked for time, I told him to get a watch. We ended up sitting next to each other, and that wasn’t awkward at all! I noticed […]

Free Humorous Best Man Speech

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Word Count: 277 Noah has asked me to talk today about what a great guy he is and so I can honestly say that he is handsome, brilliant, funny and perrr…. Danniel, I can’t read your writing. What’s this last word? Since we met, I have seen his transformation from an awkward youth to a […]

Honest Best Man Speech

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Word Count: 1182 First of all, I want to say a little bit about being the best man. I feel the title “best man” says a bit too much. The way I see it, if I am the best man, what the hell is Kim doing with John? So, I think I will be happy […]

Epic Best Man Speech

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Word Count: 1892 Hello and welcome to you all on this very special occasion, to celebrate the wedding of this fine couple we have before us. Firstly on behalf of the beautiful brides –maids I would like to thank Alex and Julie for their kind words and would like to add my compliments to them […]

Humorous Best Man Speech

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Word Count: 807 Ladies and gentlemen, thanks Richard for those kind words. It has been a pleasure for all us attendants to play a small part in your big day. Before I say a word or two about the groom, what about that dress Jeanie is wearing? It has attracted so much favorable comment from […]

Roberts wedding – Best man

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Word Count: 1773 Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of the bridesmaids, I must thank Rob for his kind words – I’m sure you will all agree the bridesmaids, all look stunning and have done a great job so thank you. On behalf of those who don’t know my names Jonathan, and Rob’s younger […]

My Buddy Keith

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Word Count: 293 When Keith called me out of the blue and said it was time to turn in his single guy card, I thought he was kidding. All the memories we have made and shenanigans we have gotten into are too many to count (and if we admit to some of them, we might […]

Kevin’s wedding

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Word Count: 286 Our day has come. I stand here wondering how I have been so incredibly blessed to share these vows with you. To be able to look into your eyes and, with all the love I carry in my heart, say to you, “I am forever yours”. I have always known that with […]

Best Man Wedding Toast

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Word Count: 255 Ladies and Gentleman my journey to standing here is a very long one and I will not bore you with the details, I have known John from the moment I learned to tie my shoelaces, in fact, he was the one who taught me to tie those laces. Unfortunately most of my […]

Best man speech by Stan

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Word Count: 626 Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of the bridesmaids, I would like to thank John for his kind words. For once in my life, I find myself agreeing with him, they look stunning and only rightly outshone by our bride, Lisa. And, I’m sure you’ll agree with me gentlemen, today is […]