Groom’s Casual Speech

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There was once a man at wedding who got up to make a wedding speech however when he got to the podium he stated getting smaller and smaller until he could not be seen he was such a nervous wreck. I likened myself to that man at this moment.

I want to thank all you for being a part of this grand occasion, your presence was the icing on the cake. Growing up I never thought about getting married but all that change when Sandra (can change if desired) made her grand entry into my life and man life as I know it changed. Sandra has been my tower when am weak, my listening ears, all in all she is the one person who understands me her qualities are incomparable.

Sandra my love I look forward to making even greater memories with you, I look forward to celebrating every moment with you whether you are happy or sad, I pledge to you my undying love and support in the good and bad and from this day forward until the end of time.

Join me in a toast to my beautiful wife Sandra!!

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