Groom’s Speech Guide and Example

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Mostly, the groom’s speech is about how much they love the bride, i.e his wife, and what they have planned for the future. As I say for most of the time, you don’t have to go by the books; anything that you are comfortable with, speak it out. Just make sure you write down what you are going to say and do rehearse a lot. You don’t want to utter a word that may ruin it all. Personally, I think that every groom these days is trying to be “Chandler Bing”, cracking jokes and having no idea what to say at all. You have the rest of your life to prove to your wife (and your relatives) how funny you are. And before I proceed with a sample speech, check out some of the essentials that you cannot miss out at any cost.

  • Thanking your wife’s father, for proposing the toast, kindness, friendship, and the wedding feast (if appropriate)
  • Thanking the guests for attending, their good wishes, and the gifts, of course.
  • Thanking your new wife for marrying you. Talk about how you two met, a little about why you love her so much and how you see the future.
  • Thanking individuals who helped and organised the event, and also the bridesmaid, groomsmen and the best man.

Try not to make your wedding speech a list of “thank you’s”. Be subtle with thanking everyone.

So here it is my version of Groom’s speech.

“On the behalf my wife and I, we would like to thank everyone for coming here today, it truly means so much to us. There are times when you want to be surrounded by people who are important to you; we are glad that we are living through it right now. We hope that you are enjoying every bit of the ceremony, and we would like to thank you for your love, kind wishes, presents and support.

Shawn and maggie, thank you, not just for giving your very beautiful daughter to me, but also for all the love and hospitality. I promise I will take good care of her for the rest of my life, and try to do things that would make her happy. I may not be the most romantic husband, but I do want to make sure that my jokes will keep her smiling forever”

I also want to thank my parents, who gave away a large portion of their lives to raise me, I am really thank for everything you have given me. I am very fortunate to have you have you as my mum and dad.

I know that Joe, my best man is too anxious to make his speech. But before he raises a toast, I want you all to know that Joe suffers from a rare medical condition of inventing fanciful stories to embarrass his friends. So don’t believe everything he says.

I am absolutely delighted and thankful to stand here next to Katie. I never knew what was missing from my life until I met you. You have been a true source of love, support and friendship. I will love you till my last breath.

And finally, I would like to thank bridesmaids for helping Katie with the preparations and keeping her nerves calm.

Before I pass over to my best man. Ladies and Gentlemen, lift your glasses and join me for a toast to bridesmaid.”


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