Chinese Best Man Wedding Speech

Word Count: 707

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for gracing this occasion with your presence here today. It really means a lot to us to have so many family and friends come and give us your congratulations and your blessings. We are really touched and honoured.

Thank you again for coming.

I would like to take this very special opportunity to say a few words to just some of you who have made a difference in my life.

My old friends, Robert, Kevin, George, Mark, and John. Each one of you entered my life at just the right time, so that at every point in my life, from childhood to university, I managed to find that one good friend to hang out with, to pour out my soul to, and to lean on. You guys are the best friends a boy and a man could ever have.

To Riley, Monica, Leigh, Sam, and Pam, Melody’s friends and bridesmaids.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is how I knew then and how I know now.

Thank you.

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