As The Father of The Bride

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For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Mike and I am Nora’s dad and as the father of the bride I have the dubious pleasure of making the first speech

I want to welcome Mike’s parents, Pauline and Alan, and all the relatives and friends of both families, and to thank you all for coming, especially those of you who have traveled great distances to be here today. It’s really great to see you all.

Today, we on the top table are surrounded by most of the friends and family who have been important to us during our lives. And by your presence today, you show your friendship and love and bring even greater joy to this wonderful day.

Unfortunately, we are missing two very important people, however – Nora’s Nanna and Grand-dad, who were unable to make the trip due to Grand-dad’s ill health. We will be making a special journey north tomorrow to show them Nora in her wedding dress, and take them some pictures of the day and some cake. In the meantime, I would be grateful if you will raise your glasses in their honor – to Nanna & Grand-dad. Thank you.

I’m also pleased to formally welcome Mike into the family, although, as far as we’re concerned, he’s been part of the family for ages. During the time that we have known Mike, we have come to realize just how special he is to Nora – anyone can see that they’re made for each other. I’m sure you’ll agree they make a beautiful couple.

A lot of effort has gone into making this the special day that Nora and Mike deserve, and I’d like to make particular mention of a few of the people concerned. Mike’s parents, Pauline and Alan have made a big contribution to the success of today, and I’d like to thank them for all their efforts. Also, Nora and Mike themselves have worked hard, and with great enthusiasm to make the necessary arrangements, especially for the honeymoon, which seems to have been a bit of a priority!

I’d also like to thank the staff of the Parsonage for helping to make this a special day.
And there’s another person who has worked tirelessly over many months to create the handmade invitations, the Orders of Service, and the menu cards, which I’m sure you’ll agree were fabulous. Also, her talents extended to preparing all the table decorations that you see before you. She would say that it was a labor of love, and I know how much Nora and Mike appreciate her efforts, but I’d like to add my thanks and propose a toast to the mother of the bride – to Susan.

I am really fortunate that my daughter has met her Mr. Right. Of course, marriage isn’t just about finding the perfect partner, but also about being one. Nora has made such a success of her life and career so far, that I’m sure her marriage to Mike will be just as successful.

Susan and I have been looking forward to this day for a long time…not because we want to hand over responsibility for our daughter, but because it’s a proud day for us to see Nora so happy, and so in love – and looking so beautiful today.

But handing Nora over to Mike reminds me of that well-known theory about marriage:
If you love something, set it free.
If it comes back, it was, and will always be yours.
If it never returns, it was never yours, to begin with.

And if all it does is sit in your house, mess up your stuff, spend your money and use the telephone all night… you either married it or gave birth to it.

Marriage is a funny thing though. Did you know that in a recent survey carried out to establish whether a married man live longer than bachelors, they found that actually there’s no difference. It just seems longer when you’re married!

Mike made a real impression on me when he first came into Nora’s life. It was about two in the morning, and he was lying in the gutter outside our house next to a speed bump singing ‘Angels’ to

Nora, with Andy trying to shut him up. Pity Nora wasn’t at home that night to appreciate it.
But Mike’s a great lad, only problem with him is he’s an Arsenal fan, but even Gooners deserve a chance in life… and marrying into a Chelsea family gives him a chance to see the light before his life is totally ruined.

Mike will know by now that Nora’s not the shy, retiring type – she likes to be the center of attention. That’s probably why she took to dancing from an early age – she joined a dance school at the age of three and I didn’t see her again until she was18, still, it kept her out of trouble.

She’s also very strong-willed, as Mike will have found out, and we’ve had many a battle of wills over the years. Susan reckons that’s because we’re too much alike, but I think she takes after her mother.

Seriously though, I know that Nora and Mike will be as happy as Susan and I are and can look forward to many happy years together.

Nora is a very caring and loving person. She’s my only daughter, and I love her and I’m very proud to have her as my daughter.
Please join me in raising your glasses in a toast to the happy couple – Nora & Mike.

I’d now like to hand over to my son-in-law, Mike.

Wow, this is definitely an emotional wedding, even the wedding cake’s in tears!


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