Daughter – Father of the Bride Speech

Word Count: 288

When my little girl was born, the amount of love I felt in my heart was unmeasurable. The amount of worry was also unmeasurable. Placed in my hands was this precious, adorable little gift that looked to me for protection, adoration and guidance. And I knew I had to get it right. Through every step in her life, I worried.

The first time she came home from school and said someone called her a name, I worried. The first time she failed a test or didn’t make a team, [drizzle]I worried. The first time a boy picked her up for a date, I worried. And the first time a boy broke her heart and made her cry, I worried.

Not too long ago, she came home and announced she was getting married. Once again, I felt the familiar worry. Would he be good enough for her? Would he protect her like I have? Would he giver her years of love and laughter, security and devotion?

When she introduced me to Robert, I started to set my worries aside. With all of the worrying, I had forgotten that my daughter had grown into the type of woman with a strong sense of self and knows what and who she is looking for. She chose Robert for good reason. His kind nature and obvious affection for her relieves my worried mind. Knowing she has chosen a man with all of the attributes I wanted for her, let’s me enjoy this moment. [/drizzle]To give your daughters hand to another man is the most difficult and touching moment in a father’s life. But today, I give her hand to Robert with ease, knowing she will find happiness and joy in their marriage.

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