My Special Day Speech

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Hi, everyone. Wow, you know I’m never good at these things, that’s why I work in a field where you don’t see people much, but I’m glad you all could make it. Most of all, I’m glad Liam could make it, this wedding wouldn’t be much without the groom would it? Liam! We’ve done so much to get here, and I’m thoroughly thankful you chose to stick around throughout everything we’ve been through up until this point. It wasn’t easy, and I know I got a little bit overwhelming. I love you, and I couldn’t imagine being tied down to another person ever. You know, my mother always said that this time was going to be one of the most important times in my life. But, that I also shouldn’t get married until I’m thirty and had a steady job along with a PhD before that time because we have to have our priorities straight. Well, I’m twenty- nine, I’m a Forensic Anthropologist, and I’m about to graduate with a PhD next spring! I think, mum, you might be a mind reader because you were right about so many things in my life. You were right when you said I could be the best damn volleyball player before I was thirteen, and I was. You also said, when I had my first ACL reconstructive surgery on my right knee that it was going to be okay.

I may have not always believed you at first, especially when times got really hard; but you were right nine times out of ten, which I hated admitting. I wouldn’t be standing here, holding up this glass of champagne next to a man who loves me,most importantly, standing up here loving myself, if it weren’t for you. I love you, and I promise we’ll visit every Christmas, and every holiday you can think of until you get sick of us. But you aren’t getting grandchildren from me, you have my sister for that!

Speaking of my sister…Allison, you are a right pain in my bum but you’re always someone I can count on if I have to talk about anything. You’re understanding, and you helped plan this wedding, it wouldn’t be happening today without you. I would’ve had eight mental breakdowns, instead of just the one when I thought the yellow chrysanthemums turned out to be blue hydrangeas. In the end, they weren’t, and I only knew that because of you. We may have not always seen eye to eye when we were younger, but I think a lot has changed, and I’m very happy it has.

Of course, this whole thing hasn’t been perfect. I almost fell down the stairs and broke my neck with my dress on, but at least I would’ve looked great doing so. Seeing this all actually happening is so surreal, I never thought it’d be possible, not with me. I never taught I’d be the one standing up here addressing people at her own wedding. It’s also surreal that…you know, not everyone that I wanted to be here, could be.

Dad, I know you’re not here anymore. You’ve been gone for a while now, but I just felt the need to do this. Charles Edward, you were the smartest man I’ve ever known in my entire life. You were my dad and you taught me so many things about the world, about science, and life in general. You were always so bright and optimistic even until your last days, and even then you never let on that it was that bad.

I just can’t help but remember when I was younger, you building me that huge jungle gym in our backyard because you wanted me to be able to pretend and play all I wanted. You wanted me to be independent and love my life the way it was, and never have to be afraid of anything. I mean,

I was afraid but you showed me that it’s okay to be afraid, but you still have to get stuff done. Well, I got my education as you wanted, and now I’m getting married! Can you believe it? I just hope that throughout my life that I made you proud of the things that you were able to see. I love you so much, and it was hard not having you here to walk me down the aisle, but I got it done.

I was never alone in my life, I always had support for what I wanted to do, and now I can add one more very important person to my life permanently. At least, I hope it’s permanent. Liam, I hope we spend the rest of our lives together and that I annoy the hell out of you. and we become disgustingly domesticated. I hope we have a big house in the suburbs all to ourselves and laugh at the people next to us who have children to deal with on a daily basis until we get some of our own.

I hope all of you will be there to share those moments with us, no matter who you are. I hope all of you will be involved in our new life. I hope, Liam, that we’ll be the happiest people on the planet even when we annoy each other, and I hope that our lives continue to be like this speech: hopeful and very long and drawn out! Thank you all for coming, and listening to me ramble on. Have a great time.


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