Monica Liu – My Soulmate

Word Count: 730

Well, it is of course an auspicious day, but the best for me. It is like I have myself decided to live in a hell, haha, Kidding!

So, the decision of getting married wasn’t an easy one, but when you get a partner like Edward, you feel that everything is falling into places. No, I seriously didn’t think that I would rush up the entire marriage thing like this, but then I did! Edward is an amazing person, just like a character from a book you fell in love with. We met in a restaurant and were eyes locked. The day was four years back and now we are here, celebrating our wedding.

Alright, I guess I talked enough about him

I convey my love, admiration, and regards to all those who attended the best day of my life and of course, the gifts you brought along. Thanks to those who couldn’t attend the wedding even they tried their best. You people were in my mind all the time. The day would have never been so special had not you people have marked your presence. Dad, thanks for spending largely on the decoration and the food, and most importantly, my flawless wedding dress! Mom, thanks for roaming around the shops to choose the best one from my side.

Lastly, thanks to the Almighty who wrote Edward’s name in my fate and made us destined to meet. Our wedding would have been incomplete without you and your presence!

So, before I break down in tears, I guess, I just should stop talking and let others say what they have in their mind!

Thanks a lot for being the part of this wedding!

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