My Speech As a Bride

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Those of you, who know me, probably aren’t surprised that I want to say a few words today. Those of you, who know me really well, will be surprised if it is only a few words!!

I’m actually amazed to find myself standing here beside Phil today, because I always hoped mine would be an arranged marriage, but unfortunately George Clooney just wasn’t keen.

After eight years together it means a lot to be standing here as Phil’s wife and I’m sure he’s happy too, now that he can finally start to let himself go.

They say you don’t marry the man you can live with you marry the man you can’t live without, and for me, that’s Phil.

Would you all please join me in raising your glasses to my new husband.

I hope you have all now recovered from the surprise we gave you and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for sharing this magical day with us. Today wouldn’t have been as special as it is without our family and friends being here to celebrate with us.

I’d like to propose a toast to you all – To family and friends!


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