My Wedding Speech

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Hello!  You may be wondering what the Bride is doing making a speech instead of her Husband.  To be honest, I’m wondering too!

As most of you know, we had decided not to do speeches, because they are pretty scary and can be really boring for the guests who just want to go to the bar or pop outside for a smoke!  I promise I’ll keep it short, but I’d just like to say a few Thank Yous before passing you over to my Father in Law who has kindly agreed to say a few words.

Mike and I would like to thank you all for joining us today and celebrating our marriage!  Some of you have done a lot of travelling, especially Rune and Kai who flew in yesterday from Norway.

We’re delighted to see everyone here and

  Without getting too soppy, you make me laugh with your stupid jokes, you save me from spiders, you look gorgeous in that suit and I love you dearly!! *kiss*

Please charge your glasses to my husband, Mike.  *toast*

Thank God that’s over!  Now I will pass you over to Dan, my Father in Law.

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