Maid of Honor – This Special Occasion Speech

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Hello and welcome to you all on this very special occasion. I am very honored to be standing up here, delivering this toast because being Zoe’s Maid of Honor is truly a special honor for me. As Zack’s older sister, I have had more than just a brother-sister friendship with him, but a sense of responsibility and pride – which I know my husband feels as well. So tonight, we look on in excitement and love to watch our Zack become someone’s husband. And I have the added enjoyment of standing by Zoe as more than a Maid of Honor, but as a new sister.

Since Zoe first entered our lives three years ago, I have come to learn how dear Zoe is in many people’s lives. It’s clear to see how loved and appreciated she is, watching her continue the friendship that she forged since college, high school, and even childhood. But I know how easy it is to get addicted to Zoe so I completely understand! The love she bestows on others does not go unnoticed and therefore she has a lot of people who care about her and will be there for her in good times and bad, as she is there for them. She is going to be an equally caring and loving wife to Zack, and I know that her dad is looking down on her today with pride, as he had always felt that Zack and Zoe made a wonderful pair.

Zoe is indeed the perfect woman for Zack, and as his sister, I am proud to say that Zack truly deserves perfection. He is compassionate, has a big heart, values his family, and is full of love. I know that Zack will keep Zoe entertained and laughing during their lives together with his quick-witted subtle humor and that Zoe will laugh at his jokes even when they fall flat.

I still remember the day Zack was born. Even though it has been 34 years, that day is clear in my mind – from coming home from a sleepover at my friend’s house to our trip to the hospital. And I remember that when the nurse came out to let us know my brother was born, I suddenly felt myself sitting on top of the world, feeling like the ultimate big shot. Then it was time to see him, and while my dad and grandparents looked on in amazement behind the glass, remarking on how perfect and adorable our new baby is, what I saw was crinkled up and a bit purple in color – this was not what I had expected my little brother to look like. Luckily, he grew into a much more handsome version of himself.

Zack has been a wonderful little brother. He has cheered me on in all that I do. When I was going away to college, he drew a picture of me hanging out of the window of my dorm and told us that he hoped the school would blow up so I wouldn’t have to go. Now that’s what I call love.

Because of our age difference, Zack felt more than a brother but as someone, I was responsible for, and I feel it prepared me well for having children of my own. It also taught me how to use a little brother to my advantage, getting him to clean my room for me when I was a lazy teenager. It also taught me the very important lesson of not testing our a new bb gun on someone passing by the house. That’s a lesson I’ve never let go of. Yes, having Zack presented a lot of benefits. But one of the greatest benefits I received was in my time of need, during my cancer battle. My kids were very young and having Zack around to help me and my husband with our children was a godsend. It is something I am forever grateful for.

There is not enough time this evening or in a lifetime for me to explain all the ways my Zack and Zoe have enriched my life, but I will say that I’m excited for them to enrich each other’s lives as husband and wife. I wish you both the very best that life has to offer and am excited for all that lies ahead.

So please fill your glasses and rise to drink a toast to the new Mr and Mrs Jones!

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