Allison and I – Bridesmaid

Word Count: 532

For those of you that don’t know, Allison and I grew up right down the street from each other. We were about seven years old when we met and there were no other girls on our street so, needless to say, we became best friends immediately! I can remember so many nights we spent in front of the mirror, with bouquets made out of tissue paper and veils made of dress slips – declaring our love and loyalty to an imaginary boy!

Fast forward to high school,

The guy that made her laugh and the one that knew the value of thoughtfulness. Being her friend, I kept a close eye on things to make sure our dear Kevin was treating her right and I have to say, I could not have asked for a better friend and companion for Allison. I look at the love these two share and I’m thankful; not only for what Allison has gained but for Kevin as well. And I am so glad to have them both in my life.

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