Allison and I – Bridesmaid

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For those of you that don’t know, Allison and I grew up right down the street from each other. We were about seven years old when we met and there were no other girls on our street so, needless to say, we became best friends immediately! I can remember so many nights we spent in front of the mirror, with bouquets made out of tissue paper and veils made of dress slips – declaring our love and loyalty to an imaginary boy!

Fast forward to high school, [drizzle]where every boy we dated had their name ceremoniously written on our notebooks and everyone gushed that we had the perfect relationship!  We talked all the time about what our wedding would be like and what kind of guy we imagined we would marry. Everything was perfect…and very, very expensive!

Now, I can tell you that college opened our eyes to what was really out there. We were finding ourselves and figuring out what we wanted to be. And who really knew what we were looking for in a guy? But, with all the questions and speculation, Allison always seemed sure of herself. And sure of the guy that would make her happy. She never said he’d have brown hair or blond, blue eyes or hazel, be short or tall. She always said, “I want a guy that makes me laugh and knows the value of thoughtfulness.” And I was always impressed by her ability to hold firm to her needs. She has always been extremely easy going and non judgemental but on those few characteristics, she was steadfast. I always knew that the guy who met those standards for her would be the luckiest guy in the world!

And one day, as we were searching endless aisles at a sporting goods store – for camping equipment she had convinced me we needed for a fun trip – we run into Kevin. Kevin, who desperately attempted to show his rugged side by describing endless items that we must buy (although we have no need or intention to do so). Allison told me later that she thought his efforts were adorable, although at the time she found him a bit contrived. It wasn’t until Kevin seem to clue in on her boredom with his antics, that he began to show his thoughtful side. And I saw my friend light up! I can honestly tell you that she did everything she could to make it out of that store without bursting! She waited for him to call her and when he did, that was it. I knew she had found the one that she had talked about for all of those years.[/drizzle]

The guy that made her laugh and the one that knew the value of thoughtfulness. Being her friend, I kept a close eye on things to make sure our dear Kevin was treating her right and I have to say, I could not have asked for a better friend and companion for Allison. I look at the love these two share and I’m thankful; not only for what Allison has gained but for Kevin as well. And I am so glad to have them both in my life.

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