Maid of Honour Speech

Word Count: 207

Good evening everyone, we are here today to celebrate the union of two lovely people!!! My name is Annie and I am the Bride’s sister, there are a lot of things, stories and experiences I can share with you about my sister and if I should start we will never leave here today.

We have shared a lot of great memories like there was that time when mommy told us not to go to the river but we did anyway and got our clothes wet and to avoid being caught we had stay at the river until we were dry. I also remembered when I got my first job how excited she was and the tremendous support she gave me.

John and Sandra share a very special bond I have watched how they relate to each other and it is quite an example to follow. My sister as you and John your journeys as Man and Wife I pray Gods richest blessings on you both, may he grant you all the desires your hearts bless your union with little happy feet soon. Please know that I am never too far should you need me.

Here is to the wittiest, the smartest and bravest of them all, Sandra!!!!!!

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