Good Evening Friends and Family

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Good Evening Friends and Family and our Now-Wedded Couple,

When Anna asked me to be her bridesmaid, I started wondering where the custom of having a bridesmaid originated from. My research led me to the interesting origins of many of our wedding custom. Everything is done to protect the bride on her wedding day from misfortune. In the old days, sometimes marriage was by capture and a maiden was guarded by her family to prevent seizure. The bridesmaids would often act as decoys by wearing a similar dress to the bride to confuse the kidnappers and to keep evil spirits away.

Today, I have done my best to keep the evil spirits away, but at least the family wasn’t a problem! Both of you have found your other half. Thank you Anna for being such a wonderful best friend. I’m glad you have found Richard, and I know that he will always love you. Always love and respect each other. Remember that a bride and groom are indeed best friends, and good friends, come not with time, but with trust! May you grow old together on one pillow.

May your life be filled with happiness and joy!

My love to the both of you!


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