Claire and Richard – Bridesmaid Speech

Word Count: 406

We are all gathered here today to celebrate serendipity, the moment a decision of little consequence changed two people’s lives forever. Richard awoke on that fateful morning expecting nothing more than a mundane day at a work convention. Claire probably got out of bed with a little more excitement as she was looking forward to spending a fun evening out with colleagues. Neither of them were expecting a “meet cute”. As some of you may know, a meet cute, is when two people who are about to fall in love, meet for the first time.

Allow me to set the scene for you. [drizzle]The streets of Boston are awash with revellers, the parade is loud and proud. Bagpipes are blowing and majorettes are spinning their batons and emerald green beer is being served at bars on every corner. At night you can hear people singing Irish ditties and telling tall tales to anyone who will listen. As the evening draws to a close, people are hurrying through the cold to make it to the last train home. Richard and Claire are part of the throng. As the commuters push through the turnstile and head for the carriages, they share a common bond, a need for warmth. At this point they are feeling a little worse for the wear and home is calling their name.

So many things could have gone wrong and no one would have been any the wiser. Richard could have decided to home early after what was no doubt a riveting convention. Claire could have missed the train. But as it happened, Claire and Richard captured a moment in time when everything was going their way. They found themselves sitting together. Richard was captivated by the beautiful Claire from the moment he saw her and Claire was intrigued by the witty and intelligent man who struck up a conversation with her. Before long the two of them realized that they had been taking the same train to work every day, but had never met before.[/drizzle]

The train ride to Chelsea passed by far too quickly as the two of them talked about anything and everything. By the end of that trip, the two of them knew what all of us here know today. Their journey together was far from over. We are so happy, Claire and Richard, to raise our glasses in celebration of a love story that while happy, has no ending.

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