Cute Maid of Honor Speech

  • M-Mondays were always bad for Hailey. One day Hailey, and her friend slept in and was late for class. As she was running to class she wasn’t looking where she was going and tripped over Rover
  • R- Rover was John’s dog. Apologizing over and over, Hailey said he would forgive her if she would join him for coffee

&- And you can probably guess what all happened next.

  • M- My sister agreed to have coffee with him, along with many other great memories and good times.
  • R- Right now we are celebrating the joining of two great people.
  • S- So I would like to make a toast to this wonderful couple who are made for each other.

May you have a wonderful life together and enjoy every moment of it! Congrats Mr and Mrs Carter!


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