Clichés That Describe Our Relationships

Word Count: 214

Two peas in a pod. Thick as thieves. Tight knit. Close as close can be. Of all the terms and clichés that describe our relationships, I think the word “sister” says it best. If Dad tickled me, you would laugh. If Mom feed you chili, I would throw it up. When I scraped my knee, you needed a bandage too. When you felt happy, it made me smile. And when you got married today I cried tears of joy with you. Because that is what it means to be a sister.

How wonderful it is to see that you found the perfect man for you. I was proud to stand by your side when you said “I do.” You took a big step towards your future today, and, in turn, gave me the gift of a new brother. The fun times we shared during your engagement and the happiness of this day bring us even closer together. So now when Dad tickles me, you will still laugh and Mark may wonder what you are up to. If you eat Mom’s chili, I may get heartburn too. And if either one of us is in pain, we will always be there to comfort each other.

Congratulations to my playmate, my confidant, my sister, my friend!


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