Best Man Wedding Toast

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Ladies and Gentleman my journey to standing here is a very long one and I will not bore you with the details, I have known John from the moment I learned to tie my shoelaces, in fact, he was the one who taught me to tie those laces.

Unfortunately most of my memories and outings with John are not appropriate for public sharing, however, I remembered the night we went to a party on the beach and lost our car keys in the sand but given John’s wittiness we were able to get home in time for work the next day.

And then there was that time when John told me he was getting married it came as no surprise as I had always known that in time he would take that big step so we began to explore ideas on how to pop the big question and ring shopping so we went to the store to browse rings. John brought Sandra to the store under the disguise of searching for a ring for my fiancé which she knew we were planning our big day so here was Sandra thinking she was assisting me in shopping for a ring when in fact it was her ring we were shopping for. We got her good that day. She had no Idea.

In a nutshell John is the coolest dude I know he is smart intelligent and I have no doubt he will make Sandra a very happy woman.

Let’s raise glasses in a toast to the Groom!!!!!

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