Speech of The Groom’s Father

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A very cheerful Good morning to our family members and friends gathered at this magical venue

here. I, Jeff and my wife, Sophia, welcome you all warmly to the marriage ceremony of my son,

Stephen with his childhood sweetheart, Lorraine.

Love is quite strange, isn’t it? You never know when you fall in love until you really do. I am sure

Stephen will agree with me on this. Who would have thought that Stephen and Lorraine who were

best friends ever since they were five years old are now man and wife? I still remember Lorraine

complaining to me how badly Stephen behaved with her when she wore her first braces. How they

threw cakes on each other’s faces during their birthdays! How they used to talk all through the night

about stars, planets and a universe beyond that!

When they completed school, I saw Stephen crying for the first time, because he had to move away

from Lorraine. I realized that there was something stronger between them than friendship. I

remember his sheepish grin when I asked him if he loved her. He thought he was convincing me

when he said they were just best friends. However, Stephen, I am going to spill the beans now. I

knew you were trying to convince yourself at that particular moment, weren’t you?

While both these beautiful people loved each other madly, I am so proud to let everybody know that

it didn’t stop them from choosing their careers wisely. When we attended Stephen’s graduation

ceremony, I remember him looking beyond us and searching whether Lorraine, his Lorraine had

come. I was surprised to know that they had kept in touch even though they were continents apart

from each other. I never treated Stephen as my son; he was and will always continue to be my best

friend. So, I asked him again if he loved her. This time around, his answer was, “Dad, I am not sure”. I

smiled within myself thinking this was a far better answer than what he gave me when completed


Lorraine, today, I am professing all these little secrets of my son because I want you to know that he

has always loved ever since he met when you both were five years old. I can’t believe you both have

known each other for over a quarter of a century now! How incredible can that be? And we have all

gathered here to wish these two, who already know each other than most of us know our spouses

even after being married for a decade!

I am sure Lorraine must have felt the same way about my son all through her growing up years as

well. Else, why would she leave all those hot guys who studied with her in that high-profile law-

College and pine for my son who didn’t have the courage to express his love for her? Lorraine,

thanks for waiting for so long until Stephen finally mustered up his courage to speak to you about his

feelings. He can be senseless at times, most of the times, rather; but you both complete each other.

Stephen, we always knew you were soul-mates who were meant to be together. You may get wild at

me, but here is something that I have to share with everyone present here. The other day, I went up

to your room to take the book that you borrowed from me years ago and I happened to see some

things lying around your shelf (Sorry for snooping, son, but couldn’t help it!). Lorraine and all of you

– do you know what I found there? Every single note and letter that he and Lorraine had shared with

each other in the last 25 years, every single Christmas and New Year card that they sent each other

and personal gifts, that I didn’t bother looking into. I had looked enough that day to know how much

of love my son was capable of giving.

Stephen and Lorraine, you both are gifted to find true love in each other. We often say that

friendship is the essence of a relationship. Here, we are witnessing the marriage of two best friends

who have known each other ever since they were running around in knickers. I am delighted for you

both and I am sure that you will have a rocking life ahead!


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