Speech of The Groom’s Father

Word Count: 729

A very cheerful Good morning to our family members and friends gathered at this magical venue

here. I, Jeff and my wife, Sophia, welcome you all warmly to the marriage ceremony of my son,

Stephen with his childhood sweetheart, Lorraine.

Love is quite strange, isn’t it? You never know when you fall in love until you really do. I am sure

Stephen will agree with me on this. Who would have thought that Stephen and Lorraine who were

best friends ever since they were five years old are now man and wife? I still remember Lorraine

complaining to me how badly Stephen behaved with her when she wore her first braces.

Stephen and Lorraine, you both are gifted to find true love in each other. We often say that

friendship is the essence of a relationship. Here, we are witnessing the marriage of two best friends

who have known each other ever since they were running around in knickers. I am delighted for you

both and I am sure that you will have a rocking life ahead!


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