wedding planning

Setting a Wedding Budget Emphasize the importance of transparency and open communication when setting a budget. Encourage couples to prioritize what’s most important to them and suggest allocating a contingency fund for unexpected expenses.

Download a Wedding-Planning App Detail the benefits of specific features found in popular wedding-planning apps, such as budget trackers, guest list managers, and customizable checklists. Highlight how these apps can streamline communication with vendors and the bridal party.

Get Inspired Encourage couples to create mood boards for different aspects of their wedding (e.g., attire, decor, food) and to attend wedding fairs for hands-on inspiration. Remind them that while inspiration is valuable, their wedding should ultimately reflect their unique tastes and relationship.

Start Your Guest List Advise on how to tackle the sometimes-sensitive task of creating a guest list. Suggest categorizing guests into tiers based on closeness and importance, and offer tips on how to gracefully handle plus-ones and children.

Pick Your Wedding Party Discuss the roles and responsibilities of the wedding party. Offer creative ideas for “proposing” to bridesmaids and groomsmen, and suggest thoughtful ways to include special people who may not be in the wedding party.

Narrow Down the Dates Explain the importance of considering seasonal weather, significant personal or family dates, and major holidays when selecting a wedding date. Suggest consulting with essential guests to ensure their availability.

Choose a Venue Provide a checklist of factors to consider when choosing a venue, including capacity, restrictions, parking, and accessibility. Encourage couples to envision their day at each venue and to consider the flow of events.

Start Your Wedding Registry Discuss the evolution of wedding registries, including the rise of honeymoon funds and charitable donations. Offer advice on how to tactfully communicate registry information to guests.

Choose a Wedding Theme Elaborate on how to incorporate a wedding theme into various elements of the day, from invitations to table settings. Encourage couples to think beyond aesthetics and consider how their theme can create a memorable experience for guests.

Book Vendors Highlight the importance of reading reviews and checking references for vendors. Advise couples to clearly communicate their vision and expectations, and remind them to review contracts thoroughly before signing.

Finalize Your Guest List Offer strategies for making tough cuts to the guest list if necessary. Discuss the etiquette of sending invitations to “B-list” guests if space becomes available.

Send Save-the-Dates Explain the purpose of save-the-dates and discuss the options for digital versus paper. Offer wording suggestions and remind couples to include essential information like the wedding website.

Purchase Your Wedding Dress and Other Attire Provide a timeline for when to start shopping for wedding attire and when to schedule fittings. Discuss the importance of comfort and mobility on the wedding day, and suggest considering dress codes for guests.

Plan the Honeymoon Offer a step-by-step guide to honeymoon planning, including setting a budget, choosing a destination, and booking accommodations. Remind couples to consider travel advisories and necessary vaccinations.

Confirm Wedding Details with Vendors Provide a comprehensive checklist of details to confirm with vendors in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Suggest scheduling a final walk-through at the venue with key vendors.

Get Married! Encourage couples to delegate day-of responsibilities so they can focus on enjoying their special day. Remind them that despite the best planning, small hiccups can happen and to embrace the day with joy and love.