Luke’s Wedding – Best Man Speech

Word Count: 280

Hello and welcome to you all on this very special occasion.

I remember the first time I saw Luke, sitting by Mr. Smith’s English class. He asked for time, I told him to get a watch. We ended up sitting next to each other, and that wasn’t awkward at all!

I noticed he was wearing a Lakers jersey, and asked how our favorite team was doing. We’ve been best friends since, folks, if you can believe that!

As we got older and less mature, girls came and went. One party, this guy decided it would be fun to tie our shirts over our heads and run laps in the backyard. It was funny, till he decided to run into the lawn chair and take a digger head first in a pile of dirt! College came and went so fast, and it’s amazing that we still have a great friendship. But most of you that know Luke like I do, you know this guy is the most loyal, selfless guy in the world. So it’s no wonder that Melissa fell for him!

When Melissa came into his life, I haven’t seen this guy smile like that since 49ers winning the Superbowl in 1994! He was singing in the shower, BADLY, and walking into things and had this idiotic smile on his face (point to him and scream) yeah, like that one right there!

We are blessed that this couple is here today, because if there’s any two that deserve love and happiness in this world, it’s them.

To you both, and may you a long and happy life together and be able to put up with your new husbands best friend.



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