My Son – Father of the Groom Speech

Word Count: 281

My son has been described as a chip off the ol’ block. Sometimes I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing! His housekeeping skills are lacking and he is not a fan of arriving anywhere on time. At some point in their marriage, Miranda will probably find herself yelling, “Michael, quit playing video games and come help me!” He gets these traits honestly.

But I find myself more proud of him everyday. He has, by far, made up for any minor character flaw with his tenacious grasp on life. His sense of adventure and undeniable drive has made him the man that Miranda has chosen. He loves wholeheartedly. He faces problems head on, he always has. I watched that hard headed, determined little boy turn into a steadfast, determined man. I trust his judgement and respect the person he has become. I know that he will be the provider and partner that Miranda is looking for. I know they will lean on each other when times are dark and share joy during lighter days. To both Michael and Miranda, I say this: you will fight, but be sure to make up. You will find yourself in times of question, but know that you both have the answer. You will see those character flaws as negatives when you once saw them as charming, but be kind and remember; they are only a small part of the character. Do the work it takes to build and keep a marriage, but remember to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Michael, you’ve done well and we are so proud. But if Miranda asks you to clean your room, just do it!


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